Rex Crain is an acclaimed speaker, author, and catalyst for change to Fortune Five Hundred companies, professional athletes, entertainers and people from all walks of life.

As a young man, Rex walked away from a baseball career with the Boston Red Sox to pursue his passion to help people. Rex has devoted the last eighteen years of his life to helping people discover and develop their own unique qualities of greatness. His gift to inspire has taken him around the world to bring strategies and insights to elevate human achievement and performance.

Rex’s passion is to make the world a better place to live by assisting individuals to live their best life. Throughout the years he has unselfishly given his energy and resources to those in need. Rex is considered one of the nations top leaders in peak performance coaching.

Rex, his wife Katrina and daughter Kira live in Los Angeles, Ca


Life Coach

This is all about changing you life now! You want to close the gap from where you are to where you want be in the areas of life that matter most. With Rex and his team as your personal coach, your dream and goals will become crystal clear and exciting. You will also develop a action plan that shows you the necessary steps to to achieve these goals.

“God loves with a great love the man whose heart is bursting with passion for the impossible” –William Booth

A life without purpose and passion is not worth living. We all need a reason to get up everyday and we need to find the passion and spark that keeps us motivated and moving. We need to be passionate. Passionate people are the source of real change on this planet. To many gifted and wonderful people walk around this planet feeling disillusioned, bored, and worn out.This might currently describe your life experience, but I know your heart was designed for passion, for strong desire to reach beyond ourselves.

Its easy to see, that many of us lose our passion and zest for living life due to the routines of daily life. We easily get caught up making a living, that we forget to make a life. In fact many of have gone missing in our lives. We live in a daily fog of ritual and routine that domesticates our purpose and passion.The scary thing is we start to hand this style of living, one without passion and purpose down to our kids.

I think we could all use some challenge in our lives. We need to dare,risk a little and get out on the edge. I have heard this saying many times in my life that risk equals life. If you have no risk, you have no life. We all desire that our lives would exciting, but some of us have become tame, comfortable, letting life do something with us instead of us do something with life. What we need is a challenge.
If you want to make the most of your life and live it with real passion, just reading this will not be enough. You will need to take control of the power you have to make real decisions. Your approach to life might need to shift. Whatever it will take, I can promise the results will reared you with achievement and fulfillment. Getting up each day with purpose and living each day with passion is a reward in itself, because you decided to do something with life! The result is we won’t experience as much dread and regret.

We need to understand that passion is the fuel that lifts people towards massive success, significance, and satisfaction. I believe this statement is true: That a person will be remembered for their passion or their lack of it.
I will come along side you as your friend and offer insights and strategies you as you ignite passion in your life and take your quality of life to a new level of success and joy.

Motivational Speaker

For 18 years Rex Crain has been a voice to leaders around the world. An expert on mindset and ultimate performances.   His gift to inspire and ignite the purposes, passions and power people have inside of them have allowed him to become a highly respected and sought after speaker.

Rex’s purpose is so that people can get greater results out of themselves on a consistent basis and sense the significance with which they hold. Through Rex’s messages and speeches in both large and intimate settings people learn how to take charge of there life, relationships, businesses.

Rex’s messages leave people demanding more from themselves and the results they produce.  His audiences are stirred to understand and unleash their skills In a new profound way that allows them to maximize there life and create unstoppable momentum.


In his groundbreaking book, LIFE LIFT, Rex will show you how to:

  • Let go of things that don’t serve and satisfy you
  • Envision the life that will inspire and reward you
  • Make destiny-altering decisions