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Thomas Jefferson once said “Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal, nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.”

It has been said that an attitude is an inward feeling we have that we express outwardly. Others can see this displayed through our facial expressions, words that we speak, and the way we use our body. Often our attitude can be visibly seen without us even saying a word. Our attitude plays a massive role in our everyday life, what we think, focus on and engage in. There is therefore a huge connection between our state of mind and our success. yet changing our attitude can be one of the most challenging things to do,
Our personalities, experiences, and environment all play a role in how we interpret and respond to the world around us. Therefore its important that we take charge of our minds. We all need to recognize, that although we cannot control everything that happens to us, we are the only ones who control what we focus on, what we think, and how we act. Our attitude can be whatever we want it to be. And the truth is we choose it all day long!
Having a great attitude does not mean that we are always happy about everything in our lives. We all deal with difficulty and painful things at times. Yet keeping a good attitude requires us not to let problems or pain to defeat us. We simply focus on what we can influence and control rather than our inn abilities our loss of control. Living daily with a great attitude that gives me the advantage in life is about looking for the opportunity in every situation as well as recognizing that every experience gives us the chance to grow and learn from the people or circumstance involved.
The attitude we choose determines how we approach every aspect of our lives. Our attitude truly is a little thing that makes a massive difference.


If you practice on having a great attitude, you will experience these benefits:
  1. You will advance and make progress. When your attitude is positive, your mind expands and progress begins.
  2. People will gravitate towards you and want to be around you. You become contagious.
  3. You will see opportunities in challenges
  4. You will learn from your setbacks rather than be defeated by them
  5. You will enjoy life more



People who choose to live with a great attitude have a focus to look for the best in every situation. While the worst case scenario is always available, a person with a good attitude knows it will cost them to give there attention to the obstacle over the opportunity.

People with a great attitude choose to the best not just about situations, but about themselves and others. Having a great attitude towards oneself determines the quality of my relationships, and generosity of time and energy. If I see myself as lovable I will have an attitude that lets people love me, if on the other hand I see myself as dull or damaged< then my attitude will be one thats boring or withdrawn from situations that could be great.

People with great attitudes are not afraid of challenges. They believe that problems have purpose and will bring them opportunities and promotion.

People with great attitudes have an ability by choice to learn from there mistakes and left them go. They refuse nurse there mistakes, curse there mistakes, and rehearse there mistakes, they know the path to freedom is to disperse them and let God reverse them.

People with great attitude have a bent that looks for creative solutions when challenging situations arise.

People with a great attitude do not give easily. They give themselves enough reasons to stay focused and optimistic.


“When you are a slave to your immediate, it keeps you from your ultimate.” – Rex Crain

It’s easy to become creatures of habit. Where we go to the same shops, keep the same hairstyle, eat at the same places, have the same conversations, and pray the same prayers living our lives on autopilot.   

 Does this sound familiar?  If so, YOU need Different!!

  It was a typical Monday morning about 7 AM, after a long work week where I spoke 8 times in five days.  I was just waking up, feeling my mind and body tired and detached.  I stepped into Starbucks to pick up an artificial jolt of energy.  I had my hat down low, big sweatshirt on, in one of those don’t mess with me moods.  I, being half asleep stepped up to the counter and the barista asked the question, “Rex would you like the usual?” in her distinct Spanish accent.  I didn’t respond immediately in fact I thought I was hearing things and then I heard her again, “Rex would you like the usual?”  I thought to myself, “first of all how does she know my name,” and “second have I become that predictable that people know what I want?”  So in a moment, startled and slightly offended, I woke up and rose from my nightmare and exclaimed “NO!!! I WANT SOMETHING DIFFERENT!!!

Does this scenario sound familiar to you in your walk of life? Where in life do you usually order the usual? As you look at your day today, instead of ordering the usual, how could you do different?  In your relationships? On your job?  In everyday encounters and tasks?

What one different action could you take today? Physically, Relationally, Spiritually, etc..  that would be different from the usual.

 Your assignment today is to step out and do something different, even if it’s a small thing, small can create the significant.  Step out of your comfort zone and describe how that feels to you.  


Today is all about resting and playing, even God took one day off from all of His endeavors, to celebrate His accomplishments. Your outcome today is all about you achieving balance. Remember, you are not a “human doing, but a Human Being, meant not to just go through life but to live and enjoy your life.

I notice in the Bible that Jesus, the Master of Life, lived in a constant state of celebration. He chose to come from a Happy place and always seized the opportunity to create a memory or an experience of enjoyment with the people he was with. Today is your day!

I want you to be spontaneous, adventurous, and outrageous. Today I want you to do something ‘Different’ that will take you outside of your familiar environment and usual routine. What would create the most excitement for you today?? Skydiving, a concert in the park, a boat ride, a sports event, amusement park, museum, etc…

Either plan something fun and stick to it, or choose to do something on the spur of the moment. Whatever it is, be fully present and enjoy it. Make sure as you embrace this day, make the choice to celebrate and be in an attitude of thanksgiving and gratitude. Oh and by the way, be sure that you leave your cell phone at home so you can be fully present.

“The great man is he who does not lose his childish heart.”


Frank Lloyd Wright, the famous architect and designer, was interviewed towards the end of his life and was asked, “What he felt was his best piece he ever designed and constructed?” and without hesitation Frank Lloyd Wright stated,

“My next one!”

He learned the secret of success. You see success is not determined by things; for things are what you have but wealth is who you are. Nor is success determined by what you’ve done and where you have been. In fact success is your personal choice to make progress and by faith stretch beyond the usual.

You must stretch beyond from what once was, to what can be!

“What can be?:” Is a loaded question answered by people who got tired of doing the usual and exploded beyond perceived limitations and blazed a path of success and significance.

They all started with the question that I purpose to you.

What are you willing to pursue at this phase of your life??

Every four years the world turns its attention to the Summer Olympic Games. Watching the Summer Games nowadays is almost difficult to remember that only a few decades ago track and field experts declared that no runner could ever break the four minute mile barrier. In other words, there would be no way a human being could run that far, that fast, in that length of time. Experts conducted all different types studies to show that it was impossible to break the four minute barrier. And for years they were right. Well one day a young guy came along, who chose not to believe the experts opinion. He didn’t dwell on the impossibilities in fact he refused to let all their negative words and form a stronghold in his mind about what could be. So he made the decision to begin to train, believing he was going to break that record. It is interesting that when he started to train he was a full time medical student. He had no free time to train for the mile run so he carefully planned out his lunch break and trained for only thirty minutes at a time, three or four times a week. Sure enough he went out on May 6, 1954 and broke that four minute mile barrier and did what experts said could not be done. His name was Roger Banister, and he made sports history by breaking the 4 minute mile barrier, with a time of 3 minutes and 59 seconds. What is interesting about Roger Banister’s story is that within 10 years after he broke the record, 336 other runners went on to break that time as well. Think about that, for hundreds of years and as far back as statistics kept field records, no one had ever crossed this milestone, yet within a decade more than 300 people were able to do it. What happened, the barrier was broken in the athlete’s minds. For all those years runners believed what the experts had said and were convinced it was impossible run a mile in less than four minutes. Roger cleared a path and set a new standard of what could be.

Ecclesiastes 5: 1 Solomon encourages us to give our minds to what we are doing. (i.e. Be mindful not absent)

Again he offers us insight in the book of Proverbs 4:27 “Ponder the path of your feet.”

Philippians: 1:9-10 Says to sense what is vital and of real value and give yourself to that.

God has placed within each of us the potential and opportunity for a successful, rewarded life.
Yet, it takes just as much effort to live a bad life, as it does a good life. Still millions lead aimless lives in prisons of their own making, simply because they haven’t decided what to do with their lives.

“A man without principal never draws much interest.”

  • What is some expert counsel that has generated barriers in your mind, like Roger, and convinced you that you cannot become what you have set out to become?
  • What would you do if you had no limitations?
  • What would you do if you had only 5 years to live?
  • What would you do if you had unlimited resources?
  • What would you do if you could not fail?

Answer these questions, thoughtfully and honestly, then spend some time in quiet to reflect and begin to formulate your dream.


Loving what you do, and doing what you love.

A key component of successful people are those who see and seize their dreams, love what they do, and do what they love. They allow their passion and their talent to guide them.

Why? Because talent, purpose, and potential always come hand in hand.

I don’t believe God makes mistakes. He doesn’t’ create people to be talented in one area but interested in an unrelated one. There is always a potential alignment of talent and passion, if we have the courage to pursue our purpose and get on the edge and take some risks.

Po Bronson, author of ‘What should I do with my life,‘ writes “I’m convinced that business success in the future starts with the question, “What should I do with my life?” Yes, that is right…. People don’t succeed by migrating to a hot industry or by adopting a particular career guiding mantra. They thrive on the question of, who they really are and connecting that work that they truly love and so doing, unleashing a productive and creative power that they never imagined.

Make the choice to do something because it engages your heart, as well as your mind. Make the choice because it engages all of you. Don’t become a slave to someone else’s dream. Why? Because once you own a dream it will own you.

Do you remember a time when you used a talent and skill, that left a memory in your mind and you stated to yourself, “I want to do that again.”

What talents, skills, and passions will you be using and releasing, as it relates the dream you are willing to own at this point in your life?

Do your dreams bring out your highest gifting and activate your greatest passions?


Don’t be a ‘Butt’ Hugger:

Most people don’t live out their dream. It’s not for a lack of dream, but a lack of insight and how to make a dream come true. Although well meaning, they wish and wait for their dreams to come to pass by making excuses. They do hope, yet their hopes keep being dashed, leaving them separated from their desire. This is the place people come to, “I have a dream ‘but’….”

Has the dream dissipated because frustration, excuses, or ‘Butts’..

I want to explore the size of your ‘Butts’

Is your ‘But’ in the way of your dream? How big is your ‘Butt’?

There are little buts, big buts, ugly buts, but implants, even popular buts, such as “’Butt’ I’m tired, ‘Butt’ I don’t like to sweat,” “’Butt’ I don’t like to save,” “’Butt’ I don’t have enough money,”

Maybe you are frustrated over the fact that your dreams have not come to pass, but maybe the real reason they haven’t manifested and materialized is that you have become a ‘Butt’ hugger.

Big ‘Butt:’ “Butt dreams don’t come true for ordinary people.”

Many people believe that dreams are only for special people and everyone else has to settle for less. I disagree with that mindset. It is people who have dreams who are the ones who shape history. Everyone can have a dream and the pursuit of that dream decides the difference between ordinary and extraordinary. Ordinary people can live extraordinary lives when they follow their dreams. Why do I say that? Because a dream becomes a catalyst to help people make important changes in their lives.

Gigantic ‘Butt’. “Butt if the dream is not big enough it’s not worth pursuing.

The dream should not be evaluated by its size, for that is not what determines its worth. A dream does not have to big, it just have to be bigger than you are.

Enormous ‘Butt’. “Butt now is not the right time to pursue my dream.”

The most common excuse for not pursuing and owning your dream is timing. Some say it’s too soon, while others are waiting for permission to go after their dream.

As a kid, you didn’t know enough to be prudent, therefore you attempted the impossible and you achieved it. The idea is to recapture the innocence of a child. Maybe your fear is, “Butt it’s too late to go after my dreams,” and as a result you give up.

The good news is, it is never too late to be what you might have been.

What are two ‘Butts’ that are causing me to stop, sit, settle, instead of stretch, strengthen, and seize what is right in front of me that I’ve been placing my ‘Butt’ in the way of?


“Winning is a habit, so is losing’

There is an story where an old Cherokee Indian was teaching life principles to his grandson. the wise old Cherokee said, ” son on the inside of every person ia a battle between two wolves. One wolf is lazy, full of excuses, unforgiving, unbelieving, just negative. The other wolf is opposite. He is kind, diligent, optimistic, believes the best about others. The little boy thought about it and said- Grandfather which wolf is going to win? His grandfather looked at him and smiled and said, “which veer one you feed”

Today I want to help you feed the winner. To do so we must feed the habit of a winner. A person who loses consistently has different habits from a person who wins and achieve there goals consistently.
Our daily habits are what will allow us to achieve or be disappointed. A habit os a ritual. A learned behavior that we do without even thinking about it. It is something that we do that become automatic. Your habits good or bad will determine your future and the quality of your life. One study shows that 90% of our behavior is based on habit.

What if those habits are are being lazy, late, sarcastic, pessimistic, sloppy?

How we treat people, do business, spend money, take care of our health is is a habit 90% of the time. We can’t do what we always do and expect a different result. that would be insanity. To take our lives to a new level, we need to take stock of our habits.

Do you have a tendency to be negative? not follow through on your commitments? Eat unhealthy because your busy?
Habits take 21 days to make and break. if you are willing to discipline your yourself for a small amour of time, and permit a little discomfort, you can rise out of limiting patterns and establish some brand new habits that will reward you!